Why We Recommend

The Exterra Inground Termite Baiting System



Collier Pest Control, Southwest Florida’s Pest Authority, has always dedicated itself to provide you the most advance pest control service available. This includes our Termite services also.

Collier Pest Control recommends and provides The Exterra Inground Termite Baiting System for Subterranean Termite control. We have been an Exterra representative since 2000 with hundreds of successful Exterra installations controlling termites all over southwest Florida.

The Exterra Inground Termite Baiting System was designed by pest control operators to overcome all the problems associated with other competitive systems. The Exterra Inground System is 8 times bigger than all other competitive termite baiting systems. It is designed not to disrupt termite activity when being inspected or adding bait to the station, like other competitive systems do. When termites are disturbing the look else ware for food, like your home. The Exterra Inground System has more attracting wood in the station than other systems do. The Exterra System has the ability to hold 410 grams of active termite controlling bait, that’s 6 times more bait than any other termite system available. At Collier Pest Control we place The Exterra Inground Termite Baiting System stations every ten foot apart. That is 3 times closer that other systems.

Collier Pest Control offers more benefits than other pest control termite companies including:

  • Monitoring The Exterra Inground Termite Baiting System station every 60 days when there is no termite activity and when termites are seen within the Exterra Station, we monitor the Stations every 30 days until the termite activity has been controlled.
  • We also maintain and replace any stations that need repaired or damaged.
  • We offer you written monthly reports of all the inspected Exterra Baiting Station.
  • Collier Pest Control offers economic yearly renews to maintain this valuable protection for your home.
  • Collier Pest Control offers a $500,000 damage warranty against any termite damage due to our negligence.

Collier Pest Control has investigated all types of Inground Baiting Systems and to our profession knowledge there is no better inground termite control system available than the Exterra Inground Termite Baiting System.

Look it up for yourself at and read how much more protection you can receive from Exterra than any other type of inground termite baiting system.

If you live in Naples, Fort Myers, or Southwest Florida call 239-455-4300 Collier Pest Control for a full explanation on the Exterra Inground Termite Baiting Systems, or look us up on our web site at Remember Florida does not have to be shared with insects.

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