wdp-old-house-borerOld House Borer

The name “Old House Borer” is really misleading as this insect is most commonly found in newer homes. This beetle has a life cycle of three to twelve years depending upon environmental and Learn More – Click Here

wdp-powder-post-beetle-1Powder Post Beetle

Powder Post Beetles normally will infest hardwoods, such as ash, elm, oak, pecan, and walnut, as the large open pores of these hardwoods are needed for egg-laying by the female. In this area, they are Learn More – Click Here


Just to say the word Termites in conjunction with your home sends chills into many a heart. Collier Pest Control can relieve you from the termite Learn More – Click Here

ant-fire-importedTermite Vs. Ant

Identifying most ants is relatively easy. Some reproductive winged ants also resemble reproductive winged termites. Since ants also are often seen swarming in and out of buildings, it is important to Learn More – Click Here

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