Collier Pest Control is proud to announce that we offer Guaranteed Termite Inspection with a one year limited warranty value priced at one hundred and ten dollars ($110.00) for all your closings. With over twenty years of experience, Collier Pest Control has always offered exceptional service with all of our pest control treatments. We provide the same high standards in our termite detection and control division.

Collier Pest Control offers:

  1. One (1) year limited warranty on all guaranteed inspections! If termites are found within one year of the inspection, we will treat the infestation for the buyer. No questions asked!
  2. Same day service, with same day hand delivered reports, (Collier County)
  3. Free re-inspectioins when repairs are needed, within 30 days of oringinal inspection.
  4. Fax or Email inspection requests for your convenience.
  5. Every termite inspector will be State Certified for Termite Control.
  6. Reasonable rates on quick corrective termite control, if needed.
  7. The Collier Pest Control Bonus, a gift certificate for a FREE Collier Complete pest control service providing 90 days of pest free living, one hundred and ten dollars ($110.00) value with every guaranteed termite inspection.

Let Collier Pest Control take the stress and anxiety out of getting thorough termite inspections for your clients. We will work with you on special requests and difficult jobs. Our termite inspectors work for you and understand the delicate nature of a real estate transaction.