White Footed Ant

The White Footed ant is native to tropical Asia, but has been inadvertently introduced into South Florida. The White Footed Ant arrived in the Homestead area of Florida in 1986, followed by rapidly spreading up and out expanding throughout the rest of South Florida.

The White Footed Ants are relatively small ants with a black body and yellowish-white feet, called tibia and tarsi. These ants do not bite or sting, nor have they been reported to cause any type of structural damage. They are just a nuisance ant attracted to sweet foods. Thus, it is common to find them foraging indoors around kitchens and bathrooms, and outside on hedges infested with honeydew producing insects, such as aphids and scales.

White Footed Ants, for many pest control companies, have been extremely difficult to control because of several characteristics of their biology. One big problem is that they establish colonies of well over a million ants, over half being worker ants. Workers ants are sterile females that are responsible for foraging for food and caring for the nest. Another problem is that food ingested by the worker ants is never shared back in the colony, as like most every other type of ant. These sterile worker ants are capable of laying unfertilized eggs. These Thinner more fragile non fertile eggs are what the worker ants, larva, and queens in the colony use as their food source, therefore, any toxic bait to kill off ants never reach the ants in a White Foot Ant colony, and only affect the foraging worker ants that eat the insect killing baits.

While White Footed Ants are not directly harmful to humans or pets, their presence within the home is a nuisance. Collier Pest Control has developed a 3-step 6-week treatment method to eliminate unwanted White Footed Ants from you home and property. Collier Pest Control will first use insect killing baits inside you home and attic to eliminate any activity being seen inside your home. Then we will treat the immediate sides of your home with special insect killing materials to kill any trailing White Foot Ant attempting to enter your home. The third stage of this treatment method is to use special insect killing materials up to 30 or 40 feet around your home, killing off all activity trailing toward your home. Collier Pest Control will follow up with a service treatment each week for 5 more weeks insuring that no White Foot Ants are infested or entering your home.

If you have been run out of your home by unwanted White Foot Ants, call Collier Pest Control today for a complete explanation and free estimate on any of our services. Don’t let insects spoil your beautiful Southwest Florida lifestyle. Remember, Florida doesn’t have to be shared with insects.