If your home is built with a permanent pest control system put into the wall and attic Collier Pest Control can service this permanent pest control system for you. This permanent pest control system is designed to prevent insect infestations before they happen.

Collier Pest Control services these permanent pest control wall systems and your home to meet the needs of Southwest Florida. We have developed the Wall Systems, Plus method of pest control to protect you and your home from unwanted pests.

Collier Pest Control investigated and studied many permanent wall systems being installed in homes today. Each one of these wall systems had their own advantages and one common problem. Yes, the wall system protected and prevented insect infestation inside the wall where it was installed. Unfortunately, the wall system does not protect or prevent insect infestation in the common risk areas of your home such as the doors, windows, sliders, plumbing and electrical pipes, garages, and common construction cracks around your cabinets and vanities in the bathroom and kitchen. These areas also need to be treated to protect the home from insects.

Collier Pest Control is able to service the permanent wall system you have in your home, plus treat the common problem areas. The Wall System, Plus treatment will charge your wall system with the latest and safest materials available to protect the inside wall voids of your home. Then Collier Pest Control will treat all the common problem areas in your home, applying the exact amount of materials to the common risk areas of your home with our perfected “Collier Complete Pest Control Treatment”. Collier Pest Control will complete the Wall System, Plus treatment with an exterior perimeter power spray treatment, treating the mulch beds, flower beds, entry areas, eaves and soffits, and 5 to 10 feet around the base of your home.

The Wall System, Plus treatment will protect your home with environmentally safe materials, out of touch from you and your pets; effective for a period of 90 days against most of Florida’s crawling insects.

If your home has been built with a permanent pest control system, let Collier Pest Control protect your home.

Call Collier Pest Control today for a complete explanation and free estimate on any of our services. Don’t let unwanted guests spoil your beautiful Southwest Florida lifestyle. Remember, Florida does not have to be shared with insects!