toxic-concerns_clip_image002The concerns most people have with pest control service is just a lack of information.  At Collier Pest Control we choose our products by how toxic the product is and the formulation of the product.  The first thoughts we have in how we chose our products is how toxic the product is to our customers and technicians.


Today’s modern convinces include many natural and manmade products to give us a higher standard of living.  When purchasing these products, there is a personal responsibility to pick and choose the product that combines proper safety and environmental protection for the usage needed.  Most people are not aware of the level of toxicity a product has when using it.  The general public also is not aware that the government has given us a standard code of toxicity on which each product is measured.  The level of toxicity must be put on the front of the label on any non food product produced just below the words KEEP OUR THE REACH OF CHILDREN.  The levels are NO WORD being the lowest, CAUTION, WARNING, and  DANGER.  All our products our within the caution level of toxic levels.  Many household products fall within the warning and danger levels of toxicity.

The second thoughts we have in how we chose our products is to how effective they will be in controlling our Florida problem pests.  We chose micro-cap products and crack and crevice products produced by Whitmire Labs.  Today’s pest control materials are now designed to last at least a period of 90 days in most environmental conditions.

Most of Collier Pest Control’s outside materials are formulated in a micro-cap solution, similar to your cold micro encapsulated cold products, to give all our customers protection for the full guarantee period when treating the mulch beds, flower beds, eaves, soffits, and 5-10 feet around the perimeter of  a home.  This means it will deteriorate slowly and be not neutralized when exposed to sunlight, rain, or even lawn sprinklers outside.

Our interior materials will not be exposed to those conditions to shorten the life of the material, so they will normally have a longer residual life.

The materials we provide for our interior that are not micro-caped are crack and crevice materials produced by BASF and Whitmire Labs.  These materials have pure active ingredients with no added water or oils to be mixed with.  This allows the product to be even more effective and give a longer life for the interior, in the cracks and crevices.

All Collier Pest Control’s interior application of materials is in a crack, crevice, or void.  This way the materials are in areas where insects will either hide or travel through.  By placing the materials in cracks and crevices, customers or their pets cannot be in touch with any of the materials and the product will last the full guaranteed period, since they cannot be touched or washed away.

If you have safety concerns about having pest control services to your home or business, call Collier Pest Control, 239-455-4300, or look us up on our web site at for a full explanation on our services and products we use.
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