The Haytons of Golden Gate Estates Trust Collier Pest Control

Pauline hates spiders and cockroaches

Pauline and Peter Hayton shown here with Huss, who guards the lanai.

Pauline and Peter Hayton shown here with Huss, who guards the lanai.

Pauline and Peter Hayton are from England and have lived in Naples for 22 years.  The love the climate and the vegetation.   Pauline says she doesn’t even mind the lizards, frogs and snakes she sees occasionally on their property.   But she does NOT like spiders and cockroaches.

“I can’t help it,” says Pauline, a published author.   “I’m terrified of spiders and cockroaches.  They freak me out, probably because they move so fast!”

That’s why they trust Collier Pest Control and have used their services ever since they moved into their home.

Occasionally, Pauline sees “ghost ants” or “crazy ants” making a path into her kitchen.   She immediately calls Collier Pest Control.

“Collier Pest Control always shows up promptly to solve my problem,” she says.   “Once we even had fleas in our house, probably from our cats.   Collier Pest Control came right out.  We left them to do their job and we went shopping.  When we came back, the fleas were gone.

“I really don’t have a problem with pests,” says Pauline.  “Even when I do see a cockroach, it’s moving very slowly, probably because it’s on it’s last leg, thanks to Collier Pest Control.”

The Haytons enjoy the serenity of their home in the woods with their menagerie of rescue cats.   Over the years many have showed up on their doorsteps and laid claim to their lanai: Ginger, the guard cat; Momma, who once chased off a raccoon twice her size; Este (a.k.a. S.T. or six toes); Skelly, who was like a skeleton when he first arrived; and Huss (short for Hussy), the only cat who would pose for a picture.

“We would recommend Collier Pest Control to any home owner who wants a pest-free home.” says Pauline.

Peter agreed, giving Collier Pest Control  two thumbs up.

Click Below to hear the Haytons talk about Collier Pest Control.




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