The Berniers Wouldn’t Trust Their Home to Any Other Pest Control Company

Ray and Marilyn Bernier ParkshoreRay and Marilyn Bernier live in the beautiful Park shore area. They are very protective of their home. That’s why they are long-time customers of Collier Pest Control.

“I was a former builder,” explains Ray.   “In fact I was the first “Builder of the Year” here in Naples back in the 1970s.   So, I know a lot of people and businesses here and have had a long relationship with Collier Pest Control. I have been using their services for 21 years.”

Marilyn has a different take on using the services of Collier Pest Control. She takes great pride in her home and wants it to be safe for them and all their grandchildren who visit.   Controlling unwanted pests is right up there on her list with child-proof gates at doors, stairs and the pool area.

“I appreciate it that they use products that are safe for the environment AND for my family,” says Marilyn.

“Also, I don’t feel comfortable with technicians that I don’t know,” says Marilyn.   “I am on a first-name basis with the technicians from Collier Pest Control.   I am comfortable with them because I always have the same technicians and I know they are professional and trustworthy.”

Ray not only uses the services of Collier Pest Control for his home, but also for several other buildings he owns.   As a builder, Ray knows the importance of quality construction and maintenance on any property. He appreciates the on-going training that technicians at Collier Pest Control are required to take.

“I noticed a small crack in the exterior of our home and knew right away that it was an invitation for termites,” says Ray.   “I immediately called Collier Pest Control with my concerns and they came out right away to investigate.   Now we also have their termite program which is worth every penny.   Termites can wreak havoc on a building in no time at all.”

The Berniers wouldn’t trust their home or their businesses to any other pest control company. That’s why they use Collier Pest Control.
See the video below to hear Ray talk on the excellent methods used to keep Termites out of their home and businesses.

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