The Risks in Inspecting a Home for Wood Destroying Organisms

wdp-termiteEvery year, thousands of homes are attacked by wood destroying organisms. In fact, termites cause more damage than hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, and fire combined! Banks, and homeowners need to know if there is visible evidence in a home before investing their money. In most cases, if there is an infestation problem after a termite inspection, it is because the inspector failed his or her responsibilities. The inspector got “lazy” or distracted and did not inspect thoroughly. It is important to know how buildings are constructed to understand where and how termites and other Wood Destroying Organisms enter the structure. There is no substitute for hard work and experience.

PICS-TERMITE INSPECTION PICS 021Most homes have a “termite” inspection before the property changes hands. A “termite” inspection is really mis-named. The inspection as required and defined by Florida State Law is really a “Wood Destroying Organisms” inspection. In Florida, which types of organisms we inspect for is defined by state law. These are not the only insects that destroy wood in a home, but rather what, by law, we must inspect for all species of termites, powder post beetles, old house borers, and wood decay fungi. It is interesting to note that Carpenter Ants have the ability to destroy wood , but are NOT part of the scope of the inspection.

In general, a wood destroying organism inspector looks at all the VISIBLE areas of the structure to find any evidence of an infestation of wood destroying organisms. Our inspector then reports what was found on the form required by Florida state law. An inspection may include sounding or probing of suspect areas. As you will learn, the inspector cannot see into walls , voids, under furniture, carpeting, or in low crawl spaces, although the buyer expects you can!

The public will often expect that the inspection guarantees that there are no wood destroying organisms in the home. THIS IS NOT TRUE! The report is only an indicator of the presence or absence of an infestation based upon WHAT WAS VISIBLE AND ACCESSIBLE ON THE DAY OF INSPECTION! If evidence is found, a proposal for treatment, and a warranty is given to the people who ordered the inspection.

PIC FOR WHY HAVE CPCP DO A FREE TERMITE INSPECTIONIf damage or signs of a live infestation is seen, the inspector will then include a proposal for the control of the insect with the inspection form.

This is why we at Collier Pest Control back up all our guaranteed termite inspections with a full year’s warranty, that if any evidence of termite infestation is found within a year from the paid inspection, Collier Pest Control will gladly come out and treat the termite infestation. We are that confident of our termite inspectors not missing any hidden termite infestations in your home.

Call today to order your free termite inspection and a full explanation of any of our services, along with a free estimate. Don’t let unwanted pests spoil your beautiful Southwest Florida lifestyle. Remember, Florida does not have to be shared with insects!