Southern Black Widow

Southern Black Widow

The Southern Black Widow Spider is the most wide-spread widow Spider here in Southwest Florida. They are identified by their very shiny jet black bodies and their famous red hourglass marking on the underside of the abdomen and another red spot at the tip end of the abdomen.

The Southern Black Widow Spider is usually found outdoors in protected places, such as under rocks and boards, and in and around old buildings, window shutters, garbage cans, screen enclosures, playground equipment, and stored bicycles or cars.

The bite of any widow Spider usually feels like a pin prick. The initial pain will disappear and return usually within 15 minutes to 3 hours. If severe pain to the abdomen, nausea, sweating, or difficulty in breathing occur, seek medical attention immediately.

Outside Spider control could involve sweeping down Spiders and webs or pressure cleaning the exterior of your home. Keeping outside lights turned off will eliminate attracting insects which will draw Spiders to those areas.

Collier Pest Control’s Spider treatment will eliminate unwanted Spiders and their webs for a period of 6 months. We will treat all the areas Spiders will cling and make webs such as; the eaves, soffits, doors, windows, gutters, garage, construction décor changes in the walls, and your pool cage. We can keep your home as pristine clean as the day it was built.