sodwebwormsIf you are seeing small white or dingy brown moths fling out of your lawn, or your lawn has developed grayish brown damaged areas 2 or 3 foot in diameter.   It is a good chance you may have Sod Web Worms.   Often, damage is first noticed along hedges or flower beds.

This is the most common caterpillar to attacking turfgrasses.   These moths attack all grasses but prefer Bermuda and least desire bahia.   During the day, the moths rest in shrubbery next to turf areas and at dusk, fly over the turf depositing eggs.   When these eggs hatch into larva, they do their damage on the turf, rasping the surface or skeletonize the blades.    As the larva mature, injured grass has notches are chewed along the sides of the blades or is eaten back evenly.   Damaged areas of your lawn become larger and fuse together.   Sod Web Worms are usually not a problem until June here in Beautiful Southwest Florida.

Don’t what and see if your problem goes away and you lose your beautiful lawn to this tropical partier.   Let Collier Pest Control treat your lawn and eliminate those unwanted worms in just 2 visits, 7 to 10 days apart your Sod Web Worms will be gone.   Call 239-455-4300, today for a complete explanation on our Sod Web Worm treatment or any of our services, or look us up on line at   Remember, Florida does not have to be shared with insects.