Florida Scarlet Snake

Florida Scarlet Snake

There is 45 species of snakes in Florida with 6 being venomous and dangerous. We only have a few of those 45 species living here in Southwest Florida and only 4 of them are venomous.

The control of snakes is limited since there is no registered chemical or baits to kill or control snakes. There has been some limited success in trapping some types of snakes. Collier Pest Control does offer a Snake Repellant Treatment to keep unwanted snakes from entering an area for a limited period of time. Yes, we can apply our specialized snake repellant 30 to 40 feet away from and around your home or business to repel and keep problem snakes from crossing the line of repellant material to be a pest to your family and pets.

The following groups of snakes are ones you might see here in Southwest Florida. If you want to know what any one of these snakes look like, go to our Snake Photo I.D. page for a photo look at many Florida snakes. If you see a snake of any kind, just give them a healthy distance and leave them alone. The snake will probably just slither away and go eat a rat or something. Just don’t touch it or try to catch any snake unless you are 100% sure of the type it is and that it is a non-venomous snake.

Call Collier Pest Control today for a free estimate and a complete explanation on our Snake Repellant Treatment or any of our services. Don’t let unwanted pests spoil your beautiful Southwest Florida lifestyle. Remember, Florida does not have to be shared with pests!

Snakes of Southwest Florida
Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Rim Rock Snake
Southern Coral Snake Ribbon Snake
Dusty Pygmy Rattlesnake Salt Marsh Snake
Southern Water Moccasin Eastern Hognose Snake
Scarlet King Snake Southern Hognose Snake
Ring Snake Rat Snake
Corn Snake Mud Snake
Eastern Coachwhip Brahminy Blind Snake
Southern Florida Mole Snake Southern Florida Swamp Snake
Black Racer Florida Green Watersnake