florida-ground-snails_image002Florida Ground Snail

In the Sunshine State, the primary range for land snails is South Florida, which has consistently warm temperatures. Most land snails prefer moist climates and semi-aquatic habitats. Some Learn More – Click Here

florida-tree-snails_image002_0000Florida Tree Snails

A number of terrestrial snails occur in Florida. Snails are important in the conversion of plant matter (often in the form of algae, fungi, or plant detritus) into animal material. Thus, they are important Learn More – Click Here

giant-african-land-snails_image002Giant African Land Snail

They’re huge and they move around and look like they’re looking at you. South Florida is fighting a growing infestation of one of the world’s most destructive invasive species: the Giant African Learn More – Click Here

Island Applesnails island-applesnails_image002

Scientists say a strange and deceiving sight is invading southwest Florida.  The Island Applesnail was probably released in south Florida in the early 1980s by persons with the tropical pet industry, Learn More – Click Here