Collier Pest Control is your Southwest Florida Pest Authority, including Rodent control. The House Mouse is the most commonly encountered of all rodents. The Norway and Roof Rat are two other common rodent pests. Here in Southwest Florida we encounter the House Mouse and the Roof Rat or sometimes called the Black Rat, Palm Rat, Ship Rat, Grey Bellied Rat, or Tree Rat. The word rodent means “to gnaw”. All rodents, mice, rats, squirrels possess chisel like incisor teeth which grow continuously throughout their lives. These incisors are kept filed and sharp primarily by the rodents grinding and gnawing.

Rodents are not only a nuisance; they damage, destroy things, eat and contaminate stored food, and they are also a human health danger as a disease carrier or vector of many diseases. Rodents have been responsible for the spread of various diseases to people and domestic animals. With modern technology for sanitation, effective drugs and specialized rodent and insect control programs, the disease threat from rodents is not as significant as it once was years ago.

The House Mouse is thought to have spread from its origin of the grassy plains of central Asia throughout the world because of their small size and ability to survive on extremely small amounts of food. The House Mouse is identified by a small slender body weighing ½ to 1 ounce as an adult with a smooth fur usually dusty gray.

The Roof Rat the most common rodent here in Southwest Florida and is primarily a vegetarian eating seeds and plant food such as fresh vegetables and fruits. The Roof Rat is appropriately named because by nature it is a climber and commonly lives above ground in trees, roofs, or aerial areas around structures. The Roof Rat is identified by a pointed nose, long tail, large ears, large eyes, gray to black fur, and total weight of only 5 to 9 ounces. The adult dropping is up to ½ inch long and pointed. This dropping looks very like our green Cuban Gecko dropping.

The importance to any successful rodent control program is pest identification, proper sanitation, harborage elimination, and rodent proofing of the building. Proper rodent control is based on the behavioral habits of the rodent. Mice are very social and inquisitive. They will explore anything new and only eat small amounts of food at any one time. Roof Rats are also social and primarily nocturnal in habit. Roof Rats are very cautious and shy away from new objects and tend to eat their fill at one sitting.

Call Collier Pest Control to set up our Rodent Elimination Treatment. We will place control trapping equipment in all active area on the interior of your building and set up rodent control baiting stations around the exterior of your home. We then will monitor and remove any trapped rodents every other day until there are not more rodent active inside your home. Regular service for exterior rodent baiting stations is available if needed.

Collier Pest Control has the knowledge, experience, and a highly trained staff to be able to control or protect you from rodent problems. If you live in Naples, Fort Myers, or Southwest Florida call 239-455-4300 Collier Pest Control for a free estimate and a complete explanation on any of our services, or look us up on our web site at collierpestcontro.com. Don’t let unwanted pests spoil your beautiful Southwest Florida lifestyle. Remember, Florida does not have to be shared with pest!

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