Flea Treatment

Flea’s services are about getting a thorough treatment to all of the flooring, upholstered furniture, wall units, shelving, end tables, window sills, and all areas where the pet is active. If you intending to have your home treated for fleas or ticks and the entire floor is covered with stuff.

Take the time to pick up pet toys, pet food bowls, newspapers, shoes, clothes, toys, or anything on the floor and place it on anything to get it off the floor. Put the stuff on the bed, sofa, tables, or whatever you can get it off the floor. Then do a thorough vacuuming on all the areas in which you wish to be treated. This will raise the carpet fibers, vacuum up eggs, larva, and adult fleas. This vacuuming will also stimulate the cocoon stage to the fleas to emerge out and be vacuumed up also. All of this preparation will give you a more thorough effective complete treatment service.

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