Powder Post Beetles normally will infest hardwoods, such as ash, elm, oak, pecan, and walnut, as the large open pores of these hardwoods are needed for egg-laying by the female. In this area, they are most often found in bamboo or wicker furniture, although they have been seen in hardwood door frames. The adult beetle is rarely seen, rather, the damage left by the adult emerging from the wood is often noticed. The exit holes left by the adult are small, 1/32 of an inch to 1/8 of an inch in diameter. Around the exit hole is a very fine talc like powder. This is usually the first indicator of an infestation. The adult can only re-infest the structure if there is unfinished hardwood., in which the female can lay its eggs. Control of the Powder Post Beetle, depends upon the source of infestation. If the source is in furniture, or other removable items, the item ca be removed and treated. In some instances, the entire structure must be fumigated.