PLaster Beetle

PLaster Beetle

These familiar looking beetles are often misdiagnosed as cigarette or other stored product type beetles. Plaster beetles are small and typically not associated with stored products at all.

Although plaster beetles are rare, they can be found at new construction sites. If a new construction building is exposed to enough moisture and then subsequently walled in without proper drying first, the dry wall and studs can all produce mold and other undesirable conditions.

Plaster beetles feed on mold and come readily to these wall voids. When the infestation is large enough, new homeowners will see small beetles first around baths and windows.

Dusts work well, specifically borid type dust work on the beetles as well as the mold. If excess moisture is found, the building should be ventilated or heated to it dry out and to rid the building of plaster beetles and mold.

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