Pharaoh Ant

Pharaoh Ant

If you have found out you have Pharaoh Ants, this will give you a start on what to do about them.

The first thing you need to know is Pharaoh ants have multiple queen colonies. Each colony can have one hundred queens or more and up to one million workers, and there may be more than one colony around your home. This is the reason homeowners are unsuccessful in ridding their homes of these ants. Each time killing bait or chemical spray is used on trailing ants the problem is made worse. The queens that remain in the nest produce more eggs to rebuild the nest bigger than before to ensure proper care of the colony.

Pharaoh ants enter your home or building by hitch hiking a ride in a box, furniture, grocery bag, or by walking in from next door. It usually takes three to four months to begin seeing worker ants foraging for food on your counters, and by this time the colony is becoming well established. Pharaoh ants will feed on a variety of food sources. These ants need protein, carbohydrates, and fat in their diet and can be seen eating anything from soap to cosmetics, chemicals, dead insects, and food crumbs we leave behind.

The only effective method of controlling Pharaoh ants is using sterilizing bait followed up by killing bait. Traditional chemical or baiting methods will not eliminate Pharaoh ants. NONE!

Collier Pest Control has developed a five week baiting program proven successful over many years to eliminate Pharaoh ants from your home or building. This program utilizes sterilizing bait that halts egg production and stops larva from becoming adult worker ants. We then apply an appropriate killing bait to eliminate the thousands of worker ants in each colony. Finally, Collier Pest Control protects your home with our proven general household treatment method called “THE PRESCRIPTION TREATMENT SYSTEM”.

Don’t suffer another day with these ants. Call Collier Pest Control Today. Because your Florida home doesn’t have to be shared with insects!