Party Planners for Southwest Florida – Pest Control for Outdoor Events

OUTDOOR EVENT 3COLLIER PEST CONTROL has a service that could be a benefit to your customers that arrange outdoor events.  Attached in this folder are information sheets that briefly explain Collier Pest Control’s Out Door Event Treatment.

Many times the person planning an outdoor event goes to great detail on all the aspects, but forgets about the possibility of having insects spoiling the guests pleasure with bites, stings, or just being a nuisance pest on the food or on the guests.

We can provide a pest free outdoor environment for any party you may be planning.  First, we go to the location 4 days prior to the event and place an electronic insect trap away from the area where guests will gather will gather.  Then 2 days before the event we go out and broadcast the entire party area with an insect controlling material on the turf, hedges, plants, and sides of any structures.  Insects rest 90% of the time, so if they rest on the plants or building they will be controlled within a few minutes.  Just 2 hours before the event starts and before the food is brought out, we thermal fog the entire guest area to kill off any last minute unwanted pests.  The day after the event we return to collect the electronic insect trap.

Dancing without pestsWe have been providing this service for many years to many of our customers with 100% satisfaction.  Your customers would find this service a comforting addition to their plans.

If you would like this service or any of our services for your customer, call our office to set a convenient scheduled appointment time for you.  You can look us up on our website at for all our service and most of Florida’s problem pests.

Thank you for the opportunity to offer our services to you!!  We are here to protect your customers from unwanted pests all over Beautiful Southwest Florida!!

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