Australian Cockroach

Australian Cockroach

Collier Pest Control is your Southwest Florida Pest Authority, including the famous Florida Palmetto Bug. This Famous Florida Palmetto Bug is one of Florida’s best legions. It hides in closets, under appliances, in dresser drawers or under your bed just waiting to run out at you! This famous bug is known to attack by fling right for you! This monster of the dark is also known to breed in numbers too high to count!

The real facts are there is no such thing as a Palmetto Bug. The American cockroach is the first to be labeled a Palmetto Bug. The American Roach is the largest of the common roach species at about 1 ½ inches long, reddish brown in color, with fully developed wings. This large bug seldom flies but is capable of gliding long distances. Each female American Roach can develop an egg capsule of 15 eggs every week.

Another villain, recently, to be named the Palmetto Bug is the Australian Cockroach. This roach is similar in appearance, size, and color. This startling pest has distinguished yellow military type lieutenant strips along the outer front of either wing. This strong flier has a prominent bat shaped dark spot in the center of the pronotum, the area just behind the head. This Australian Roach can develop an egg capsule with 15 eggs every 10 days.

Both the American and the Australian Roach are primarily outside pests. During periods of cold, extreme hot and dry weather, or excessive rainfall they will try to enter buildings foraging for food. Both are found living outdoors in landscape, tree trunks, under rocks, around drainpipes, and any place moisture and shelter are available.

Collier Pest Control can control these pests with our “Collier Complete” pest control service. This service thoroughly treats all the cracks and crevices inside of your home and completes the service with a broadcast spraying of the eaves, soffits, flowerbeds, entry ways, and 5 to 10 feet around your home.

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