Antlions are common, conspicuous insects in Florida. Florida has the richest antlion fauna in the eastern United States with 22 species in nine genera. Four species are found only in the Keys. Learn More – Click Here

box-elder-bugBox Elder Bugs

The Box Elder Bug is a nuisance in early spring because they enter homes and other buildings, often in large numbers. Fortunately, they do not bite people and are essentially harmless to Learn More – Click Here


Collier Pest Control is your Southwest Florida Pest Authority including Earwigs. This pest is one of the most common outdoor pests seen here in Southwest Florida. These nocturnal dangerous Learn More – Click Here

lawnshrimpLawn Shrimp

These are crustacean with a shrimp-like appearance. Amphipods live on the surface of mulch and moist ground. Their common name of scud no doubt comes from their ability to move quickly by Learn More – Click Here


The Florida Midge emerge from lakes in astronomical numbers, covering walls of homes, and forming heaps of wispy corpses under outdoor lights. They are sometimes called blind Learn More – Click Here


Millipedes usually are considered an outdoor pest that may seek refuge in dark, damp areas around and inside your home. Millipedes live outdoors, and feed on damp, decaying vegetation, forest litter, Learn More – Click Here

moth-fliesMoth Flies

An annoying and troublesome pest that concerns numerous homeowners is the moth fly, also commonly known as the drain fly, filter fly, or sewage fly. Moth flies are frequently found indoors on windows,  Learn More – Click Here

plaster-bag-wormsPlaster Bag Worms

The Plaster Bag Worm is similar in appearance and closely related to clothes moths. This unique looking creature is easily seen on light colored walls. Close examination of the house may reveal Learn More – Click Here

plaster-beetlesPlaster Beetles

These familiar looking beetles are often misdiagnosed as cigarette or other stored product type beetles. Plaster beetles are small and typically not associated with stored products at all. Learn More – Click Here


Collier Pest Control is your Southwest Florida Pest Authority, including Silverfish and Firebrats. Both Silverfish and Firebrats are common household pests that can cause damage in homes by eating  Learn More – Click Here


The common name “House Cricket” comes from the fact that these crickets often enter houses where they can survive indefinitely. Having been introduced from Europe, this species is found Learn More – Click Here

pill-sowPill and Sow Bugs

These occasional land dwelling crustacean invaders from the outside are arthropods and not insects. They are more closely related to shrimp and crayfish than to insects. The Pill Bug are sometimes Learn More – Click Here


There are about 200 species of woodpeckers and many are threatened or endangered due to loss of habitat, with 5 common species here in Southwest Florida. The Red-Cockaded, the Red-Bellied, the Learn More – Click Here

blow-fliesBlow Flies 

Blow flies and flesh flies are very common flies associated with dead animals. Blow flies can be found in almost every known terrestrial habitat and they are found in association with human civilization Learn More – Click Here

lesser-wax-moth_image001Wax Moths

 Blow flies and flesh flies are very common flies associated with dead animals. Blow flies can be found in almost every known terrestrial habitat and they are found in association with human Learn More – Click Here

wasp-cicada-killerCicada Killer Wasp

The Cicada Killer Wasp gets its name from the fact it hunts and puts a cicada in each of its nests as food for its young (larva). The Cicada Killer is an ominous looking wasp that flies around homes and Learn More – Click Here

bee-honeyHoney Bee

Honey Bees get their name from the sweet yellowish to brownish fluid they make from the nectar of flowers and use as food. Honey Bees not only provide honey and wax, but as pollinators are of far Learn More – Click Here


House Fly

Collier Pest Control is Southwest Florida’s Pest Authority, including the common House Fly. The House Fly is oneof the most common of all insects. It is worldwide in distribution and is a pest in Learn More – Click Here 


Collier Pest Control is your Southwest Florida Pest Control Authority including Mosquitoes. Here in Southwest Florida, Mosquitoes are a part of our life. Those of us who have been here for a long Learn More – Click Here

wasp-mud-dauberMud Dauber Wasp

The Mud Dauber Wasp gets its name from the fact that they construct their nest of mud. They are typically a nuisance pest, building their mud nests on sheltered sites like eaves, porch ceilings, Learn More – Click Here

wasp-paperPaper Wasp

The Paper Wasp gets its name from the paper like material of which they construct their nests. This wasp is recognized by its 5/8 to3/4 inch brownish to black bodies with yellow or red Learn More – Click Here

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