fly-houseBUGS AND PARTIES DON’T MIX!! So, if you’re planning an outdoor event, don’t forget to protect your guests against biting or crawling insects.

Collier Pest Control can help make your outdoor event a sparkling success! We can eliminate the annoying bug problems that can accompany an outdoor gathering. We will treat all outside foliage, turf, and structures for crawling insects, put out flying insect equipment to attract and trap flying insects. These specially designed materials will eliminate crawling and flying insects without risk to you or your guests.

Call us before your outdoor event. Our office staff can plan convenient times to come treat your outdoor areas. Collier Pest Control’s Outdoor Event Protection treatment is simple, convenient, affordable, and will leave you with a peace of mind!

For more details on this or any of our other protective services. Call Collier Pest Control for a free estimate and a complete explanation on any of our services. Don’t let unwanted guests spoil your beautiful Southwest Florida outdoor event! Remember, Florida does not have to be shared with insects!