Our Customer Dan Sams Is a Man of Few Words

“I highly recommend Collier Pest Control,” he says.

Dan Sams Photo

Dan Sams runs a tight ship: no pests are allowed in his home.

Dan Sams is retired from the Sheriff’s Office and enjoys running the home while his wife still works.   He runs a tight ship: his four children know that there are consequences for misbehavior: they will lose their cell phone or vehicle.    And he doesn’t  tolerate unwanted insects in his home either.

Dan has one of those  typically large, secluded lots that people love in Golden Gate Estates.  And as any Floridian knows, insects can be a nuisance.  But not for Dan.   He says that his service technician comes regularly every three months  and “when needed.”   He says that has only happened a couple of times.

“Once or twice we had some little ants,” explains Dan.   “As soon as I saw one, I called Collier Pest Control.

“Jesus is my regular technician.   He came right out.   He found their tracks and trails, then promptly treated them.  He does a great job and gets it done.

“I highly recommend anyone to use Collier Pest Control.”

Click BELOW to hear what Dan Sams has to say about Collier Pest Control



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