Odorous House Ant

Odorous House Ant

The Odorous House Ant is a common household pest distributed nearly throughout the U.S. This brownish to black ant is frequently confused with the argentine ant but can be easily distinguished by its darker color and the fact that the front of its abdomen overhangs and hides its flat petiole or node. The Odorous House Ant got its name from the fact that it gives off a very characteristic, pungent, and unpleasant coconut-like odor when crushed.

The Odorous House Ant colonies may be composed of several hundred or up to 100,000 ants with many queens. Inside these ants usually construct their nests near moisture in wall voids especially around hot water pipes and heaters, around sinks, and cupboards. Outside they are often found in the nest of larger ants, in exposed soil, but mostly under objects like: stacked lumber, firewood, bricks, rocks, stones, or pavers. These ants prefer sweets but also eat live and dead insects and foods with high protein content and grease such as meat and cheese.

When disturbed the Odorous House Ants run around in an erratic manner with their gaster/abdomens raised up similar to the acrobatic ant.

Control of these ants is based mainly on the success of finding the nests outdoors. Collier Pest Control’s outdoor perimeter treatment is very successful in eliminating the Odorous House Ants as well as other problem invading pests.

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