Nancy Maddrell Chose Collier Pest Control Because She Likes to Use “Local” Vendors

And she continues to use their services because she wants her home to be pest-free

Nancy Maddrell enjoys her sunny, pest-free breakfast room

Nancy Maddrell enjoys her sunny, pest-free breakfast room

Nancy Maddrell has lived in Naples Park for 13 years.    When she decided to hire a pest control company she called Collier Pest Control because she had seen so many of their trucks in her neighborhood.

“I like to support local,” says Nancy.  “And it seemed that many other people were using Collier Pest Control I decided to try them.”

Ten Years later she still uses Collier Pest Control because they are knowledgeable and efficient.

“I like the technicians,” she says.  “They’re very personable.”

She says she usually sees the same three to four technicians every quarter.   If she ever notices a problem, she calls them right away.

“I think I’ve only had to call them back twice in all those years,” says Nancy.  “Sometimes during the raining season you get ants.  I save one on a piece of tape to show the technicians.   They addressed the problem right away and the ants disappeared.”

Nancy has a cute little dog named Zoey who did bring in fleas into the home when she first moved to Naples Park.   But since Collier Pest Control took over ten years ago, she hasn’t seen a single flea which makes her (and Zoey) very happy.

“We are moving to Logan Woods soon and we are definitely taking Collier Pest Control with us,” says Nancy.  “I highly recommend Collier Pest Control.”

Click Below to watch Nancy Maddrell talk about her experience with Collier Pest Contol.



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