While you’ve probably never seen them, you may have seen their tunnels running across your lawn or through your garden beds. We’re talking about moles. Moles are notorious for the damage they cause to sod nurseries, golf courses, parks, cemeteries, residential lawns, ornamental planting beds and gardens as a result of their digging and tunneling in search of turf grass insects and earthworms upon which to feed. These small mammals definitely frustrate some gardeners, but the good news is they usually don’t cause any lasting damage. Moles live in underground runways and are seldom seen above the ground. In heavily infested areas, these tunnels form a vast network of interconnecting highways. The main runways are often 5 to 8 inches deep, but can vary from 2 to 20 inches underground. The chambers created are about the size of a quart jar. Moles dig runways to search for food, provide protection from predators and create space for resting and breeding.

Moles prefer loose, moist soil (sandy loam is ideal) where digging is easy and food plentiful. In fact, they’re often considered beneficial creatures because they feed on white grubs, mole crickets, and other pest insects that might otherwise harm your plants. Moles are not rodents, but members of the order Insectivora. All moles are characterized by enlarged forefeet with long claws, stout necks and powerful shoulders that make them capable burrowers. Depending on the species, moles are usually 4 to 8 inches long, with long snouts (1/2 inch) and velvety fur.

Moles are primarily carnivores. Their diets consist mainly of earthworms, grubs, beetles and insect larvae they find in the soil. Moles have hearty appetites, consuming 60%-80% of their body weight each day. A single mole eats about 40 pounds of food each year.

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