Marty Durham Has Used the Services of Collier Pest Control for Over 25 Years

I like that I don’t have to ‘manage’ them!!

Marty Durham

Marty Durham, shown here in her office, is too busy to worry about pest problems.

Marty Durham lives in the estates and has a busy career in human resources at a private school in East Naples.    She doesn’t have time to worry about pests and has used the services of Collier Pest Control for over 25 years at both home and work.

“I like that they come when you call them,” says Marty.   “And I don’t have to manage them at home or work.”

Marty doesn’t like anything creepy crawly

Marty says that Collier Pest Control will keep coming back until any particular pest problem is solved.   Like once when she had ants, lots of them.

“Once we had an infestation of ants.   So I called.  First the technician identified them; they were white footed ants.   Then he located where they were making their nest: in the attic.   Then he had to figure out where they were coming from.


“They came back six times within a month and helped me figure out how I was contributing to the problem and how to get rid of them,” says Marty.   “I don’t like anything crawly.   It just gives me the creeps.   Especially any kind of ants: white footed ants, sugar ants or crazy ants.

“I usually have the same person at home and work and I can even call him and talk to him in person if I have questions or concerns.    Even if it’s not a huge problem, it’s a problem for me.   They don’t make me feel dumb.  They educate me.”

They schedule treatments when she wants them

Marty also appreciates that they come early in the morning to treat her home so that by the time she returns home from work the smell is gone.   And, they are extremely conscientious about the children at her school.  They use products that are safe for childrern with allergies and other concerns.  They schedule applications at school during the early evenings when school is out and the children are at home.

They are good with her pets too

Marty says the technicians are very good with her animals at home too.   She has had quite a variety of pets over the years, including dogs, birds, a snake and a pot belly pig.

“Once our technician was training a new technician and forgot to tell him about Suzy, the pot belly pig,” Marty laughs.  “So when they came through the front door with the key I gave them, the new technician was quite startled to be greeted by Suzy’s grunts.

 Marty highly recommends Collier Pest Control

“I’ve never really had any big problems with pests, just the usual ants from time to time that most people who live in the woods have.

“Collier Pest Control is dependable.  They have never missed an appointment.  I would highly recommend them.”

Click below to hear what Marty Durham has to say about Collier Pest Control.

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