lawnshrimpThese are crustacean with a shrimp-like appearance. Amphipods live on the surface of mulch and moist ground. Their common name of scud no doubt comes from their ability to move quickly by jumping, in fresh water are also called sideswimmers. Scuds are nuisance pests that are usually pale-brown when alive. After rains, large numbers of amphipods can migrate into garages or under doors of houses. They die quickly in the drier environment and turn a reddish color, where they get the name lawn shrimp.

Scuds are restricted to very moist habitats because of their water-loss problem. They are most active at night which also helps reduce water loss. When outdoor conditions become too wet, such as following a heavy rain or prolonged watering from an irrigation system. They usually die less than 24 hours after invading structures because of relatively dry conditions.

Elimination of damp places will discourage their presence. Lawn treatments will control Scuds and if they invade a structure, interior pest control treatments and vacuuming will work well.

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