JEREMIAH PRESSLEYWhile I have a brown belt in Judo and Kung-Fu, I’ve found those skills aren’t as useful for wiping out pests as the training I’ve received from the staff at Collier Pest Control.

I enjoy the daily challenge of solving the different problems I encounter from job to job. My fascination with flying insects may be explained by my hobby of building model airplanes. My other hobbies include painting and writing. I also enjoy cooking.

I have a son, and am a member of NAGR, FLGR, Classical South Florida Public Radio.

My favorite food is Chinese; favorite sport is NASXCAR; favorite team is the Broncos: Favorite movie is Star Wars, and I think Pink Floyd has the best music.

My favorite vacation spot is Asheville, NC and my favorite TV show is Ancient Aliens. I only use non-toxic methods to wipe out bad aliens.

Someday I’d like to drive around in my own, Ferrari 308 GT.

Jay PressleyI am the technician that will crawl through your attic and on top of your roof looking for places rodents could enter.  I also am the technician that will return and protect your home from those rodents waiting to enter your home.

I have been with Collier Pest Control for 3 years now coming from a back ground of Construction, welding, electrical, and restaurant work.  My past trades and experiences I gained in Illinois, Kentucky, and Florida gave me insight to do the work I now do for Collier Pest Control, Rodent Extrusion and trapping.  I also trap wild urban animals such as raccoon, opossums, snakes, and rid homes of Bees.

In my spare time I enjoy building collectible replicas of vantage model airplanes, cooking, and expanding myself in the Martial Arts, Judo and Kung-Fu.

One of the most interesting things to happen to me is that I am engaged to a beautiful Chinese Lady.  The only thing slowing the wedding down is that she is still in China.  She will be arriving in the U.S. this summer.  Wedding announcements to follow.

The daily challenge of my work protecting homes from Rodents and other Florida pests is what I enjoy the most working with Collier Pest Control.  I see different pests and obstacles to solve every day.  This keeps me thinking and fresh to solve the next pest problem.