COLLIER PEST CONTROL IS THE ANSWER for Southwest Florida’s water restrictions and keeping your beautiful lawn irrigated. We can treat your lawn and flower beds with the most unique soil moisture manager available, HYDRETAIN PLUS.

Hydretain Plus is a blend of liquid organic hygroscopic and humectants compounds formulated to effectively manage soil moisture and extend watering intervals 50% or more.

Hydretain Plus manages soil moisture in two ways. First, by slowing the evaporation loss in the soil around the roots of the plants, second, by attracting free water molecules from the air space within the soil matrix and efficiently transferring these water molecules to the roots of the plants.

Collier Pest Control with Hydretain Plus will give you the help you need through our Southwest Florida water restrictions and our regular spring dry season, November thru May. This unique soil treatment will relieve drought stress to your lawn, improve growth, reduce disease problems from stress, improve optimum soil moisture, give better nutrient up take , offer your plant health, and save you money on water and plant loss.

Don’t let the lack of rain and our Southwest Florida water restrictions spoil your beautiful Southwest Florida lawn and foliage. Call, 239-455-4300, Collier Pest Control today for a complete explanation and a free estimate on how a Hydretain Plus soil treatment can help you save your lawn and plants, or look us up on our web site at Remember Florida does not have to be share with insects or dead grass.