Grub Lawn Treatment
If you are developing mosaic patterns of yellowish areas in your lawn, or the armadillos are digging pits all through your lawn, or if the grass consistently wilts in an area even though adequate water is available, you may have GRUBS infesting your lawn.

When the turf is easily pulled from the soil with little evidence of roots snapping and some grubs are present, it is almost certain that grubs are responsible for the damage to your lawn.

To confirm this yourself, use a spade to cut three sides of a one foot square piece of sod about two inches deep at the edge of one of the off-color areas.   Force the spade under the sod and lay it back.   See if the roots are chewed off and sift through the soil looking for the GRUBS.

Collier Pest Control can bring your lawn back to life by eliminating the GRUBS from your lawn.   In just 2 visits 7 to 10 days apart and your GRUBS will be gone.   Don’t let all your lawn be destroyed.   Call 239-455-4300, today for a complete explanation on our GRUB treatment or any of our services, or look us up on our web site at   Remember, Florida does not have to be shared with insects.