German Cockroach are not Aliens

German Cockroach are not Aliens

Collier Pest Control is your Southwest Florida Pest Authority including the German Cockroaches.   The German Roach is the most common household insect pest found in the United States.  They are usually found infesting in food preparation areas, kitchens, and bathrooms.   In severe infestations, they have the capability of living in any portion of a heated structure.  They favor warm, humid atmospheres where temperatures are around 70 to 75 degrees.  The German Roach is most active at night and hides in secluded areas such as cupboards, behind cabinets, wall voids, and motor housings of appliances.

The adult German Roach is about ½ inch long, brown, and has two dark longitudinal bands or streaks on the top the thorax (just behind the head).   German Roaches are regularly carried from place to place in such things as bagged potatoes, onion bags, beverage cartons, grocery bags, handbags, and in the folds of clothing.

The German Roach has the highest reproductive potential of all common pest cockroaches.  Female German Roaches produce about 30 to 50 eggs at a time.  The eggs are contained in a capsule with is attached to the tip of the abdomen and carried throughout most of the incubation period.  The eggs hatch in about 28 days at room temperature, and reach maturity in 40 to 125 days.  Adult female German Roaches live about 200 days producing 6 to 8 egg capsules or 180 to 400 eggs.

Sanitation is the cornerstone to effective and long lasting German Roach control.  Accessible water and food material must be eliminated as much as possible. Hiding, harborage areas need to be sealed off where possible.  Remove hiding areas like open trashcans, old newspapers, rag piles, unused grocery bags, unused boxes, excess grease and food around appliances, and any place a roach could hide or eat.

Collier Pest Control can control regular infestations of German Roaches with our “Collier Complete” pest control service.  If the infestation is severe, we must apply our thorough German Roach Treatment to all parts of your home.  Both services treat the cracks and crevices inside your home as well as the perimeter, mulch beds, soffits, eaves, and entryways outside effectively and quickly.

If you live in Naples, Fort Myers, or anywhere in Southwest Florida call 230-455-4300 for a free estimate and complete explanation on any of our services, or look us up on our web site at  Do not let unwanted guests spoil your beautiful Southwest Florida lifestyle.  Remember, Florida does not have to be shared with insects!

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