Elongated Tree Ant

The Elongated Tree Ant is an isolated species of Southern Florida. This wasp-like in appearance stinging Mexican ant species is about half an inch long and is an attractively colored orange and black.

It darts quickly around branches of trees and bushes. The biggest complaint about the Elongated Tree Ant is that they fall out of trees and other plants onto people and give a painful sting when trapped between clothing and skin. This species known locally as the “neck biter ant” appeared in Florida in the 1960’s and quickly spread throughout the southern 2/3 of Florida.

The Elongated Tree Ant has single queen small nests that contain few individuals. The nests are usually located in hollow twigs and dried grasses barely wide enough for two or three ants to pass one another.

The Elongated Tree Ant is seldom seen inside. Collier Pest Control can successfully control this ant with our exclusive outdoor perimeter and lawn treatments.

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