Collier Pest Control is your Southwest Florida Pest Authority including Earwigs. This pest is one of the most common outdoor pests seen here in Southwest Florida. These nocturnal dangerous looking pests do slip into your home through small construction cracks and crevices foraging for food. Earwigs are identified by their pincer like appendage at the end of the abdomen (call forceps). They are brownish in color, with very short wings, and about ½ to 1 inch long. The forceps are used to trap prey and protect themselves, but are not strong enough to hurt anyone.

Earwigs hide during the day in moist shady places under stones, logs, mulch, dead foliage and any high moisture area. These scavengers feed on live or dead plants and insects.

The common name “Earwig” comes from an old European superstition that these insects enter the ears of sleeping people and bore into the brain. This is entirely unfounded since earwigs are harmless to man.

Earwigs can be difficult to control. The key to effective Earwig control is removal of any non-essential mulch and plant debris or anything that could hold moisture such as boards and stones around your home. The purpose of this is to establish a low moisture zone around your home that is disagreeable to Earwigs. Collier Pest Control can help eliminate these creatures with our “Collier Complete” pest control service. We will treat all the cracks and crevices inside your home and broadcast spray the eaves, soffits, mulch beds, flowerbeds, entryways, and 5 to 10 feet perimeter outside your home.

Call, 239-455-4300, Collier Pest Control today for a free estimate and complete explanation on any of our services, or look us up on line at collierpestcontrol.com. Do not let unwanted guests spoil your beautiful Southwest Florida lifestyle. Remember, Florida does not have to be shared with insects!