Diane Lawson says Collier Pest Control is Phenomenal and Professional

diane-lawsonDiane Lawson lives in beautiful Quail Woods and began using the services of Collier Pest Control 14 years ago.   They were recommended by a friend.   And with the initial phone call, Collier Pest Control made a good ‘first impression.’

“From the minute I called Collier Pest Control, I was impressed,” says Diane.   “The receptionist went far and beyond the norm of being courteous, sweet and kind.   I didn’t know anything about them but my impression started with that first phone call.

“And since then I have discovered that everyone who works for Collier Pest Control is professional and courteous as well.   We also own a home on the water in Goodland and we use Collier Pest Control services there as well.”

Diane’s homes are meticulous and pest-free.   However, Florida is home to thousands of insects.   And often they find their way into even the very nicest homes.

“About six months ago we discovered carpenter ants in our bedroom,” says Diane.  “Gene, our service technician, came out not just once, not just twice, but three times to rectify the problem.   Those ants just kept multiplying and we just couldn’t find the source of the infestation.   So finally, we pulled up the carpeting in the master bedroom and found the trail behind the baseboards leading to the shower area in the bathroom.

“I remember Gene said, ‘I’m not leaving here until we get rid of this problem.’   He stayed for over an hour until the problem was remedied.”

Another time Diane says they had a swarm of an unidentifiable insects at their Goodland home.

“They were like the love bugs,” Diane explains.   “But they weren’t love bugs.    Our technician, Steve, didn’t even know what they were.   So he collected a sample of them and sent them to the University of Florida for identification.   Then in a timely fashion he returned to our home and got rid of them.”

Diane says she has never dealt with a service company that is so prompt and courteous.

“If they are running late I get a call,” she says.   “Or, if they are early, they will politely wait in the driveway until the scheduled time.  I have never seen anything like it in Florida.

“If you’re looking for a pest control company, I can only recommend one: Collier Pest Control.   They are phenomenal and professional.

Click Below to hear what Diane Lawson has to say about Collier Pest Control.

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