Darla Turano Was Lucky To Find Collier Pest Control

She recommends them to her clients

Darla Serrano takes a break from cleaning to relax and enjoy her pest-free lanai.

Darla Turano takes a break from cleaning to relax and enjoy her pest-free lanai.

Darla Turano has lived in Naples for 15 years and has used the services of Collier Pest Control for 12 of those years. She didn’t start using their services because they were recommended by a friend or neighbor.  She just got lucky when she found them in the yellow pages.    But since then she has recommended them to many people in Southwest Florida.

“We own our own painting and cleaning company,”explains Darla.   “So I have worked for many homeowners from Marco Island to Coconut Point.   Whenever I have a chance or see a need, I recommend Collier Pest Control to my clients.”

“What I like best about having the services of Collier Pest Control is that, if you see a problem, you call them and they come right out….that day or the next,” says Darla. “You don’t have to wait two weeks.”

Darla has had a couple of pest problems over the years.   One is ants.    She says they appear when there’s too much rain or when there isn’t enough rain.

“They find a way inside to get dry, or to find water,” Darla says. “One or the other.   It’s a Florida thing.   But I don’t worry.   I just call Collier Pest Control and they come right out to treat the infected area and get rid of those ants.”

Darla’s home is immaculate.   Obviously she practices her cleaning skills at her own home.   However she once had a very embarrassing problem: bed bugs.

“Once we discovered bed bugs on the couch,” explains Darla with a whisper.   “It appears that my grandson had brought them home in his baseball cap, of all things.

“Collier Pest Control came right out and treated the area,” she says.  “But evidently there were eggs in the seams of the furniture that later hatched.  And they kept coming back and kept coming back.  But when I called Collier Pest Control they came right out.  They even sent a new technician, one with ‘new eyes,’ who was diligent.   We moved all the furniture and he finally was able to eradicate them.   And there was never an extra charge.”

Bed bugs (or the eggs) can show up in even the nicest homes – brought in on furniture, mattresses, clothing, even the bottoms of shoes.   It can happen to anyone and is nothing to be ashamed of.   However, it certainly is a problem that needs the attention of a professional pest control company.   And it often requires multiple treatments.

Another time she saw signs of carpenter ants.  Collier Pest Control came right out and found the source: the attic.  Problem solved.

“I have worked with a few technicians from Collier Pest Control.   William was the first one I had at my home; now I have Richard.   And I have met other technicians when I am at clients’ homes cleaning.  I have found them all to be courteous and professional.

“Once Richard even saved by 14-year-old granddaughter from being injured when two new puppies got into a fight in the back yard and she was trying to separate them.   Richard was here treating the house, heard the commotion and ran out there to rescue my granddaughter and separate the dogs.   He went beyond the call of duty for us and I’m so grateful.

“We had to separate those puppies and give one up.   We kept the one named Bree and we also have a pittie named Buddy.   They get along great and they love Richard.”

“I would highly recommend Collier Pest Control to anyone looking for a good pest control company,” says Darla.   “Tell them ‘Darla recommended you.’”

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