Crazy AntAnts can be a nuisance here in Southwest Florida and one of the most persistent pest problems is the Crazy Ant. This is a small brown to black ant about 1/10th inch long with a tremendous amount of energy. The Crazy Ant got named from the habit of running about very erratically with no apparent sense of direction. They are sometimes recognized by their extremely long legs and antennae out of proportion to the other parts of their body. This unusual feature is a good identifying characteristic.

The Crazy Ant is found in the ground, dead logs, fence posts, hollow trees, mulch, potted plants, small cracks, crevices and voids inside structures, and wanders throughout the building searching for food. The Crazy ant is very adaptable of nesting habits. They will nest in both moist and relatively dry environments. They prefer to feed on animal matter, grease and other insects, but will readily eat sweets of all kinds. The workers will forage up to 100 feet or more from the colony in search of food.

Each colony contains numerous queens. The Crazy Ant colony is very mobile and will move from one site to a new site if conditions become unfavorable. New colonies are produced by budding or splitting apart. Budding occurs when one or more queens and a group of workers split away from the original colony to form a new colony.

Treating or controlling Crazy Ants consists of three steps. First, is to correct any condition contributing to the infestation, such as excess moisture. Second is locating and treating existing colonies, using baits and spray insecticides. Third is to establish barriers of residual insecticide around the structure to try to prevent new Crazy Ants from entering the building.

Patience will normally result in success. Locations of the colonies are important, but if they cannot be found, baiting and a perimeter treatment will give temporary relief from the problem. Your cooperation in locating the colonies is a key element to the success of this treatment.

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