Sue Zimmerman - 16 Year Client

Collier Pest Control Has Treated the Zimmernan’s Home for 16 Years

Sue Zimmerman - 16 Year Client

Sue Zimmerman – 16 Year Client

When the Zimmermans moved into their Golden Gate Estates home in 1998 their realtor, Dan Trimbly, told them to expect lots of bugs and critters in the woods.   He recommended they retain the services of Collier Pest Control.

“Collier Pest Control is the only company we still use since we moved here sixteen years ago,” says Sue Zimmerman. “Other companies and vendors have come and gone, but we still see Collier Pest Control every three months.”

The Zimmermans are very happy that they rarely see a bug in or around their home.   Once one of their dogs carried a tick inside which proceeded to multiply.   As soon as they saw the ticks hatching they called Collier Pest Control who came immediately and solved the problem.

The refrigerator magnet they were given in 1998 is still proudly displayed on the refrigerator door next to children’s photos and artwork. The Zimmermans still love their home nestled in the tall pine trees in The Estates and they plan to use Collier Pest Control services as long as they live there.

Click HERE to listen to Sue Zimmerman talk about Collier Pest Control.

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