Cindy Sneed Doesn’t Have A Pest Problem

They even get rid of snakes off Rattlesnake Hammock Road

Cindy Sneed relaxes in her pest-free home in the woods

Cindy Sneed relaxes in her pest-free home in the woods

Cindy and David Sneed have lived in Naples for 44 years, in their current home nestled in the woods for 20 years.    With nine acres of land plus adjacent homes and a guest house there are a lot of places for critters to inhabit.  But they are happy to say that they just don’t have a pest problem because they use the services of Collier Pest Control.

Over the years they have seen different technicians from Collier Pest Control, but find that the customer service they receive is always the same.

“Our previous technician was promoted, but our new one is also excellent,” says Cindy.  “They are all very efficient, very courteous.   They get down to work and get the job done.   And then, they’re gone.”

The Sneeds never see termites because Collier Pest Control installed termite traps on the property and regularly inspects them.

“I don’t see termites, so I don’t worry about them,” she says.  “On the rare occasion that I do see something I call Collier Pest Control immediately and they come right out to take care of the problem.

On two occasions this did happen.   Once when snakes came a little too close to their pool area and once when Cindy noticed little black bugs in the pantry.

“When you live in Florida, especially in the woods like we do, snakes are almost unavoidable.    We noticed a couple of snakes by our pool and called Collier right away.   They came out the next day and treated the surrounding area with something that obviously the snakes don’t like.   That was a long time ago because we don’t have that problem anymore.   I hate snakes!

“And once I came home from the grocery store, put things away and saved the bags.    The next day I saw little black bugs flying around in my pantry that I’m sure came from the grocery store.   I called Collier Pest Control and my technician came right out and treated the pantry and kitchen.

Cindy is most grateful for Collier Pest Control because she doesn’t have to worry about pests.  She is busy in her retirement, enjoying her two daughters, four grandchildren and another one on the way.

She is involved with Take a Soldier Fishing, a non-profit group for veterans.   She makes beautiful wreaths and jewelry to sell at their fundraising events.  Oh, and she has a new little rescue dog, Peanut, who won’t let her out of his sight.

Life is very full and happy for Cindy Sneed.  She doesn’t have to worry about pests in and around her home, thanks to Collier Pest Control.

Click Below to hear what Cindy Sneed has to say about Collier Pest Control.

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