Caribbean Crazy Ant

Caribbean Crazy Ant

The Caribbean Crazy Ant for many years has been a nuisance to the east coast of Florida. We now have the Caribbean Crazy Ant here in Southwest Florida. This ant resembles a small fire ant in appearance but is harmless and does not sting or bite. It does however, infest neighborhoods with multitudes of ants that overrun homes and businesses.

The Caribbean Crazy Ant is a small golden brown to reddish brown ant with a smooth glossy body covered with tiny hairs and has longer antennae, like the black crazy ant. This ant likes to nest near the ground under objects for protection. It has been found under palm fronds, logs, railroad ties, trees, shrubs, along sidewalks, cracks in concrete, leaves, lumber, electrical conduits, metal, mulch, and even sod. This ant is extremely resourceful in foraging for food. Each Caribbean Crazy Ant colony could have over 5 million ants and have been known to have millions of ants trail over a ½ mile from their nest for food. They will feed on dead insects and tend honeydew producers on plants. They also group together multiple colonies to support their nests. This ant can infest total communities within a short period of time because of their numbers in each colony.

The control of the Caribbean Crazy Ant is not as easy as other types of ants. First nesting sites need to be removed from the area as stated above. Clean up all debris and items that are on or near the ground. The nests should be located or the trails followed back to see where the nests could be located. This ant will move its nest rapidly when disturbed. With many millions of worker ants in each colony, a repeated insecticide spraying followed by a thorough baiting with sweet ant killing baits of all the infested area must be applied.

Collier Pest Control offers a 3 week Caribbean Crazy Ant treatment process to control the problem for you. Collier Pest Control will perform its proven “Collier Complete” pest control treatment to the inside of your home or business followed by a thorough and complete spraying treatment of all the turf, flower and mulch beds around your home or business. We will return each week to bait the inside and retreat the outside of your home for 2 more weeks. By this continued repetitive treatment we can get total control of the Caribbean Crazy Ant.

Call today for a free estimate and a complete explanation about our Caribbean Crazy Ant treatment or any of our services. Don’t let unwanted pests spoil your beautiful Southwest Florida lifestyle. Remember, Florida does not have to be shared with insects!