brownpatchBROWN PATCH FUNGUS:   This turf grass disease is most common in mid to late summer when there are extended periods with high humidity and temperatures.   Brown patch can be found in all of the cool season turfgrasses found in the U.S.  Brown patch symptoms differ depending on the various maintenance practices performed on the turf grass (mowing height, fertilizer, watering, etc.   Symptoms on turfgrasses that are wet for extended periods and are closed mowed will produce a distinctive gray-purplish bordered ring “smoke-ring” that is up to 50 cm in diameter.   While on taller cut grasses that are not wet for extended periods of time will begin to produce patches that can be several feet in diameter and may have a “frogeye” appearance.   On a closer look at the grass leaf blades you may be able to see tan to brown small, irregular shaped lesions.

Collier Pest Control does not offer monthly or other scheduled turf maintenance programs.   Collier Pest Control does offer one time correction treatments for fungi and other turf damaging problems. If you have been told or suspect you may have a fungus problem in your lawn, call Collier Pest Control, 239-455-4300 for a complete explanation to any of our services.   You also can look us up on our web site at or Email us at .   Remember Florida does not have to be shared with insects.