Box Elder Bug

The Box Elder Bug is a nuisance in early spring because they enter homes and other buildings, often in large numbers. Fortunately, they do not bite people and are essentially harmless to property. These annoying bugs emerge out of their hibernated wintering sites starting the last week of March to the middle of April and can fly up to 2 miles feeding on a variety of trees and plants. Box Elders can be found on and under trees and plants in large clusters, making the ground look blood red. They are attracted to lights and will readily fly in open doors and windows.

The Box Elder Bugs are flat-backed, elongated, narrow, ½ inch long, 1/3 inch wide and dark brownish-black with three lengthwise red stripes on the pronotum (behind the head). The head is black with the “beak” or proboscis reddish-orange and the long, thin, four segmented antennae, half as long as the body. Wings are thick and leathery at the base and membranous at the tip. There are red veins in the wings and the abdomen is bright red under the wings.

Box Elders can be controlled very easily with anything from hot water, soapy water, to a general insecticide.

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