Bora-care is an affordable prevention treatment against most of Florida’s crawling and wood destroying insects. This amazing product is made from a natural mineral product mined from the earth and then micro filtered until it is 98% boron. This is the same basic material that borax soap has been made from for years. Bora-Care is safe. It is less toxic and safer than table salt

If you are building a new home, commercial building, or just at the being stage of thinking about building, it will pay you to consider having your new structure protected with a Bora-Care Protection treatment. You will be investing a lot in your new structure. Protect it for just a few dollars more with a Bora-Care Protection treatment.

Collier Pest Control will treat all the exposed wood beginning with the roof plywood, trusses, wall studs, soffits, fascia, window and door frames. Bora-Care will soak deep into the wood giving the structure years of protection from crawling and wood damaging organisms such as; termites, beetles, brown and white rot, wood decaying fungi, carpenter ants, silverfish, and most any crawling insect that would come in contact with the treated areas. We can only treat a building that is at the dried in stage. Just after the roof has been covered, studs in place, soffit and fascia in place, and window and door frames in before the glass is installed. We cannot service the structure after the glass and dry wall has been installed. . This Bora-Care Protection treatment will last for the life of the building and give you years of protection and mental comfort against crawling and wood destroying insects.

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