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 BIRDS.-SEGULLS ON ROOF         Birds have a high rate of metabolism and spend most of their waking hours gathering food to support it.  For most birds, the male stakes out a nesting territory to attract a female. Birds can harbor disease organisms that may affect people, pets, and domesticated animals.  The actual incidence of transmission of diseases from urban pest birds is difficult to assess.  But, like rodents, when flocks of birds inhabit areas and buildings in close proximity to people, the potential for disease transmission is very real.

Bird droppings deface many urban buildings, monuments, and public spaces. The uric acid (white material) in their droppings is not just unsightly; it can damage the finish on buildings, automobiles, etc… When birds occupy warehouses and defecate on stored goods, this creates an expensive problem for the warehouse management when their customers (retailers) refuse to accept contaminated goods.

The most common problem associated with birds nesting in buildings is bird mites invading the human occupied space during or after the nesting season. Bird mites, like northern fowl mite and tropical fowl mite, will bite humans and cause a small pustule, similar to a chigger bite.

Like rodent management programs, effective bird management programs should involve a variety of methods.  Eliminating birds food and water sources, repairing openings that birds enter, eliminate areas of nesting or roasting, apply repellants, and reduce populations are many ways to reduce the unwanted pest bird problem you may experiencing.

Collier Pest Control can assist you in many ways to eliminate your pest bird problem.  We have spines, coils, and electric tracking that can be mounted on ledges where birds roast.  We can secure netting to keep birds from entering areas.  There is bird repellants such as paste to apply where birds land and roast.  There are sound devices and many types of hanging and visual deterrents that will scare off pest birds.  If necessary, bird traps can be placed in areas to trap, remove, and relocate pest birds.

If you are having unwanted birds on your home or business, let Collier Pest Control explain how we can eliminate the problem for you!  Call Collier Pest Control at 239-455-4300, or look us up on our website at, from Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, or anywhere in Southwest Florida for a full explanation on Bird Control or any of our services.  Remember Florida does not have to be shared with pests.

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