Collier Pest Control – Since 1990

Collier Pest Control has been providing the finest pest control services to all of beautiful Southwest Florida since June 1, 1990. Being locally owned and operated our success has been due to our ability to respond quickly to focus upon the specific insect problems of Southwest Florida.

Collier Pest Control stands alone in personalized service! We offer the latest, most advanced methods of General Household Pest protection to homes, restaurants, and businesses in our area. Collier Pest Control developed and designed the Collier Complete Pest Control Treatment especially for Southwest Florida’s insect problems.

The Collier Complete Treatment combines the precision of the Whitmire-MicroGen’s Prescription Treatment methods, with selected insect baiting techniques, and an extensive exterior perimeter power spray treatment. The Collier Complete Treatment has NO OPEN hand tank spraying inside your home or business. All our control materials are placed inside cracks, crevices, and void areas where insects live and travel. This is away from people and pets for your safety, more effectiveness in control, and NO ODOR!

We treat windows, doors, cabinets, vanities, electrical and plumbing pipes, receptacles, appliances, all with our no open spraying methods.

To protect and treat your home properly Collier Pest Control’s technicians are the most competent and skilled service personnel in our industry. Each employee of Collier Pest Control has to complete the most rigorous training program designed to attain the service standards of Collier Pest Control. Plus, each employee attends monthly training sessions to remain leaders in our industry.

Collier Pest Control is very conscious of our beautiful pristine environment of Southwest Florida. We are long term residents of the area and wish to see our area protected. We only use the latest and safest environmentally compatible control materials to treat and protect your home or business.

At Collier Pest Control we rely on our service to keep and build our business. We do not believe in contracts. So, Collier Pest Control has no service contracts. We will please you on every service we complete. We set service appointment times Monday thru Friday, from 8AM through 5 PM. Even though the office is closed on Saturday and Sunday, we have Saturday service appointments from 8:30 through 2PM, and we show up on time! All our services are guaranteed, and if a problem occurs, we will return to correct the problem at no extra charge.

With over ten service technician routes, Collier Pest Control is flexible enough to accommodate most appointment times requested.

Collier Pest Control recognizes the need to offer a pest protection with no chemical sprays. We offer our customers our exclusive Enviro-Care Pest Control Treatment done nature’s way. This specially designed no spray pest control treatment gives you maximum insect protection without any chemical sprays in your home or business. Collier Pest Control developed the Enviro-Care Treatment for those customers who do not want chemical sprays inside their home or business.

Collier Pest Control also provides the permanent wall insect injection system built into your home or business, with our Wall Systems Plus Treatment. We will correctly charge your wall system, treat the risk areas inside your home where the wall system does not reach, and finish with our extensive exterior perimeter power spray treatment.

Collier Pest Control specializes in all of Southwest Florida’s pest problems. We have developed special service treatments for many of our local pests and not just alter a general household treatment. We have special service techniques for Fleas, Ticks, Lice, Dust Mites, Bed Bugs, Pharaoh Ants, White Foot Ants, Carpenter Ants, Fire Ants, German Roaches, Millipedes, Mosquitoes, Spiders, and Rodents. We have experience in all of our local pest problems and can handle any pest problem you may have at your home or business.

Call Collier Pest Control today for a free estimate and a complete explanation on any of our services. Don’t let unwanted guests spoil your beautiful Southwest Florida lifestyle. Remember, Florida does not have to be shared with insects!