Spiny Orb Weaver

Spiny Orb Weaver

THE SPINY ORB WEAVER SPIDER: is one of the most colorful and easily recognized webbing spiders here in Southwest Florida. The Spiny Orb Weaver Spider is identified by its

dorsum of abdomen is usually white with black spots and large red spines on the margin. It resembles a very small space ship. The females are 5 to 10 mm long and 10 to 14 mm wide.

The webs of the Spiny Orb Weaver Spiders typically contain tufts of silk, which may prevent birds from flying into them. These unique looking spiders are found outside in foliage and wooded areas.

Collier Pest Control’s Spider treatment will eliminate unwanted Spider problems and their webs for a period of 6 months. We will treat all the areas Spiders will cling and make webs such as; the eaves, soffits, doors, windows, gutters, garage, construction décor changes in the walls, and your pool cage. We can keep your home as pristine clean as the day it was build.

Call, 239-433-4300, for a full explanation of our exclusive Spider Treatment or look us up on our web site at collierpestcontrol.com. Remember Florida does not have to be shared with insects.

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